Setting Priorities

Priority #1: Entertainment

Although I’m a wedding photographer, my main priority is actually not photography. (However, it is in the top three.) It is very important to us for our guests to have fun and enjoy themselves so our top priority is actually ENTERTAINMENT. Since 60s music isn’t as fun to dance to, we found this awesome little band out of Montgomery that does 80s covers. We’ve heard samples on their website, but will be checking out a live performance next month.

Priority #2: Photography

Chris has left the decision up to me (surprise lol) since I have very discerning tastes when it comes to my own field of study.

I have an idea of what I want for my bridal portraits, and for these I want to use a talented “up-and-coming” photographer whose work I like. I want to use this same photographer for my trash the dress session, as well. I’m thinking artsy, since at the core, Chris and I are both artists. I’m keeping the photographer’s name a secret since I haven’t scheduled yet, but prepare to be WOWed 😉

For our wedding day coverage, we will use a more seasoned photographer whose speciality is weddings. This is for several reasons, but mainly (1) there are no do-overs in wedding photography and you need someone prepared for anything and (2) Chris and I both prefer a photojournalistic approach when it comes to events, which is much different than shooting portraits.

Priority #3: Venue

This probably is tied with Priority #2 because we envision something historic and also memorable, not only for us but for our guests. We already know where the reception venue is, we just need to sit down with the owner to iron out a date and details. Oh, and figure out if we’re getting married in the Church or not, this way we can know if the ceremony will be there or at the reception venue.

Priority #4: The DRESS

Did I mention, I already have my dress? I feel like a goddess in it. Literally, the entire room gasped when I walked out of the changing room. Double yay: It’s a street size 6. Hopefully by the time alterations are needed, it’ll have to be taken in even more 😉


Welcome to our wedding website!

Welcome to our wedding website! We wanted to share a little about us and the wedding festivity details with you, our friends and family. We truly appreciate you sharing your weekend with us to celebrate in our wedding and the beginning of our marriage.

I will also be blogging some of our plans as well as some inspiration boards. Feel free to share any comments you might have and be sure to leave some wedding wishes before you leave!