Engagement Shoot Inspirations

#1 We both love comic books and grew up reading and drawing them. I’d love to recreate a few of our favourites, especially Superman, what with Chris working at the newspaper and all.

#2 I was telling Chris last week that if I’m ever bitten by a zombie, to immediately put me out of my misery. Since we love zombie flicks and have recently become addicted to The Walking Dead, I was thinking of making us look like we’re surviving the zombie apocalypse in Atlanta.

#3 We’re Star Wars nerds. I’m not ashamed to say it. We’re planning on dressing Lynessa up as Wicket this Halloween before she’s too old to say no, she wants to be a princess instead. I’m also looking for an excuse to dress up as Satele Shan*. This theme is less likely to make happen, just because we aren’t the type of Star Wars nerds who go to conventions. Well, Comic-Con, yes. Comic-Con in a gold bikini, no.

*Asian + Jedi = Awesome


How pinteresting!

Thanks to my friend and fellow photog, Launa Valente, I have severely become addicted to Pinterest. I’m getting SO many cute ideas online and now I can just “pin it” to my inspiration boards! That way I can track it back to its original website! How cool is that? You can follow me here: http://pinterest.com/sweetmarissa

Welcome to our wedding website!

Welcome to our wedding website! We wanted to share a little about us and the wedding festivity details with you, our friends and family. We truly appreciate you sharing your weekend with us to celebrate in our wedding and the beginning of our marriage.

I will also be blogging some of our plans as well as some inspiration boards. Feel free to share any comments you might have and be sure to leave some wedding wishes before you leave!