Engagement Shoot Inspirations

#1 We both love comic books and grew up reading and drawing them. I’d love to recreate a few of our favourites, especially Superman, what with Chris working at the newspaper and all.

#2 I was telling Chris last week that if I’m ever bitten by a zombie, to immediately put me out of my misery. Since we love zombie flicks and have recently become addicted to The Walking Dead, I was thinking of making us look like we’re surviving the zombie apocalypse in Atlanta.

#3 We’re Star Wars nerds. I’m not ashamed to say it. We’re planning on dressing Lynessa up as Wicket this Halloween before she’s too old to say no, she wants to be a princess instead. I’m also looking for an excuse to dress up as Satele Shan*. This theme is less likely to make happen, just because we aren’t the type of Star Wars nerds who go to conventions. Well, Comic-Con, yes. Comic-Con in a gold bikini, no.

*Asian + Jedi = Awesome